Tooth Decay: Why It’s Not Worth Experiencing

You might think that a cavity is not really that big of a deal. When compared with other things that can eventually go wrong with your smile, we can’t necessarily argue with you. However, what we do need you to know is that tooth decay is not worth experiencing. It might start off small and be quite easy to treat but that doesn’t mean it cannot lead to serious consequences (it absolutely can). Find out more regarding why it’s important to do your best to prevent decay.

It Can Destroy Your Tooth

Did you know that tooth decay isn’t something that will just cause one little cavity that will leave a hole in your tooth? Nope. It will start out this way in most instances. However, decay is known as an oral illness that is “progressive.” This means it continues to move forward, or worsen, as it eats away more and more of your healthy tissue. The result? A tooth that is barely a tooth anymore (or one that breaks as a result of fragility).

It Can Feel Very Uncomfortable

The more tooth tissue you lose due to tooth decay, the more of your inner tissue layers and inner tooth become exposed. As this occurs, nerves that were once protected by enamel are also out in the open, which can lead to some serious discomfort. We can fix it, of course, but it’s nicer to avoid it altogether.

It Costs To Repair It

You’ll have to pay for a dental filling to repair your tooth when tooth decay occurs. Or, you may need a crown if decay is severe. Save your money by instead protecting teeth with preventive care.

Avoid Tooth Decay For An Easy Experience With Oral Health

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