Sensitive Teeth: Questions And Answers

When you’re experiencing sensitive teeth, this feels like no minor obstacle. Instead, it’s something that can make you worry, that can make you physically uncomfortable, and that may feel like an issue that you don’t quite know how to tackle. Fortunately, we can report that with the help of some common questions (and answers), you will instantly feel better about things and you’ll have a plan for addressing your oral health needs.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it always a sign of tooth decay if I’m experiencing a sensitive tooth? Is there something else that could be going wrong?

Answer: It’s not necessarily decay, though that is a common factor with sensitive teeth. A variety of other problems can come into play when your teeth are feeling quite touchy.

Question: What types of issues tend to result in sensitive teeth? Is it usually just something to do with less than effective dental hygiene?

Answer: Problems related to hygiene are common when sensitivity is a factor. For instance, this can include cavities, gum disease, gum recession, and infection. However, functional disorders that aggravate your teeth can also lead to this symptom (bruxism, for example, may cause it). Then of course, poor dental work and other details can contribute, too.

Question: What should I be doing about this? Should I try to diagnose myself and then make necessary changes?

Answer: Self-diagnosis is not something we suggest for sensitive teeth or other concerns. There is a lot to consider and you are without the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to get to the bottom of oral health concerns on your own. Instead, you should simply schedule a checkup. We may then provide you with accurate answers and treatment suggestions.

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