Avoiding Gum Disease: 3 Things You Need To Do At Home

Of course, you don’t want to experience gum disease. However, you might not know how to avoid it. You may not even realize that with your efforts in caring for your oral health, you are making some minor mistakes that may have you heading straight for periodontal problems. Fortunately, avoiding it is no rare feat. It’s just a matter of gathering up the effective preventive details you need, so you can keep your smile very healthy, free of plaque, and free of inflammation.

#1: Brush Your Gumline

If you brush your teeth but you don’t take care to brush along your gumline, you may be missing a substantial amount of plaque. Unfortunately, this bacteria-rich substance will remain near and beneath your gumline, where it will accumulate, harden, and encourage gum disease. Remove it by ensuring you brush this area too, angling your brush toward the place where your gums meet your dental tissue, for effective cleaning.

#2: Floss

Flossing is absolutely essential in removing plaque that can lead to gum disease. Your brush removes a lot of plaque and food debris but floss helps remove even more by reaching just beneath your gumline (and between teeth).

#3: Avoid Risk Factors

There are some easy to avoid risk factors that can make your chances of experiencing gum disease much higher. If your focus is to prevent gum inflammation and infection, then you may wish to consider the following:

  • Keep your overall health in good shape, as untreated problems like diabetes may increase the chance of gum problems
  • Avoid tobacco in all forms, which makes inflammation more likely

Avoid Gum Disease With Our Help

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