The ABCs Of Your TMJs

When you have no idea what a TMJ is, being diagnosed with TMJ disorder (TMD) can leave you feeling concerned and a bit in the dark. No worries! Whether you’ve already received a diagnosis or if you think this may apply to you because of consistent jaw discomfort, we can help demystify this functional disorder that may present itself in a variety of ways (and for which you may receive noninvasive, comfortable, effective care). Let’s get started with some helpful ABCs that will offer the essentials you need.


A is for “all about” your TMJs! When you’re beginning from scratch, what you need is a simple definition. First, TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This is abbreviated into “TMJ” for ease. If you have TMJ disorder, something is wrong with one or both of these joints. Each joint rests on either side of your head. It’s the connection between your skull and your jaw, allowing for movement.


B is for “bruxism” and other complications. When your TMJs are not working properly, the issue may be caused by other issues (or it may lead to additional problems). For instance, bruxism (or chronic, involuntary dental grinding and/or clenching) can cause TMJ disorder, can make it worse, or can develop as result of TMD. As you may have just noticed, treating the issue is very important.


C is for “consultations” and “care.” Fortunately, you may come to us for both a diagnosis and for effective care! Treating TMJ disorder is something we can generally do with ease and wonderful results.

Treat TMJ Problems With Our Team

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