Acid Erosion: The ABCs!

Not sure how to protect your smile from acid erosion? Is part of the problem the fact that you aren’t really sure what this issue actually is? No problem. We can quickly guide you through an explanation, the cause, and how to handle it with some helpful ABCs!


A, as you may have already figured out, is for acid. You see, acid erosion is a problem that takes place when acids wear your tooth tissue away. Acid attacks your teeth, starting with the outermost layer known as enamel. You don’t want this to happen because enamel protects your tooth. As it softens and erodes, it leaves your tooth vulnerable to problems like breaking, decay, sensitivity, infection, and more.


In the world of acid erosion, the letter B stands for beverages. Unfortunately, a lot of the erosion that’s happening is taking place as the result of what you’re drinking on a daily basis. Coffee is acidic. Tea is acidic. Sodas (both with and without sugar) are acidic. Juice is acidic (even the natural stuff). Sports drinks are acidic. What isn’t? Well, mostly water … and milk is only slightly acidic, so it’s pretty safe. Remain thoughtful about your drink choices to keep teeth safe.


C is for checkups! If you’re steady with your checkups and cleanings with us, acid erosion doesn’t have much of a chance to cause significant damage to your teeth. We can recognize the problem early, talk with you about how to manage it, and protect your smile if we see you every six months as suggested.

Avoid Acid Erosion With Education From Our Team

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