Dental Contouring: What’s It All About?

As you’re learning all about cosmetic dentistry treatments, a much beloved option that will come up is contouring. Not sure you know what dental contouring is all about? In a nutshell, it’s a method of gently re-shaping individual teeth as a means of improving the way one tooth or your entire smile looks. As for the more specific details regarding what it’s for and how it works, allow us to get down to the interesting stuff!

We Get To Sculpt Your Smile

So, what does dental contouring do? If you know anything about bonding, it’s the “companion” to this other cosmetic treatment. While bonding adds tissue, dental contouring removes it. Not a lot, mind you. We conservatively buff away bits of tissue to improve the shape of your teeth. Making little fixes like smoothing bumps or roughness, shortening a long tooth, or fixing a strange shape can have a beautiful impact on your entire smile.

It’s Completely Safe

You may find yourself wondering if it’s really safe for your smile for us to remove any of the tissue. While there are things that aren’t safe (like scraping up your enamel with a hard toothbrush or accidentally chipping your tooth), dental contouring is completely okay for your smile. Why? Well, because we craft a thoughtful strategy after carefully examining your smile. We remove only as much as will leave your teeth strong and healthy. In addition, remember that we are removing a tiny amount of tissue in a fashion that requires us to polish your tooth, nothing more.