The ABC’s Of Dental Bonding

Have you been curious about dental bonding for some time now? Are you doing your best to research it but you keep getting it confused with other cosmetic treatments? Have you just begun to scratch the surface of all the information out there and you’re wondering how to focus on the essential stuff that will help you gain a solid understanding of what bonding can do? Let’s begin at the beginning with the ABC’s of bonding, so you can quickly get to know more.

“A” Is For Additive

Remember that when it comes to dental bonding, this is an additive procedure. We’re not taking anything away from you during the treatment. Instead, we are using a material we know as “composite” to make your smile look better. We add composite to the target sites to make teeth look longer or wider, to fill spaces, to fix chips, to cover blemishes, and more.

“B” Is For Budget Friendly

Remember that dental bonding receives the letter “B” for budget. Amongst the list of cosmetic dentistry treatments, this treatment (along with contouring) has a good reputation based not only on its many benefits but also the fact that it is considered on the affordable end of the spectrum. Need bonding? It can do a whole lot without you spending a lot.

“C” Is For Convenient

Yes! Dental bonding is not only affordable and very beneficial but it is also convenient. You won’t need a ton of prep or long visits. Just one simple visit to address the problems you’re facing (and likely one that is brief at that).