Dental Fillings: You’ve Got Pressing Questions (We Have Answers)

When receiving a dental filling is new for you, it’s completely understandable that you have a lot of questions. Even patients who have had multiple fillings in the past often still come up with questions for us. As a result, we want to remind you that you are always more than welcome to ask us anything you wish about fillings or other dental related topics. To get started on feeling informed regarding this treatment, make your way through our Q&A.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why do I need a filling?

Answer: If we tell you that you need a dental filling, it’s because your tooth is not healthy. In most instances, the reason for a filling is tooth decay. When a cavity occurs, you are dealing with a couple problems. First, tissue is rotting away. Second, a hole is growing in your tooth, which leaves it unstable. A filling provides you with the removal of that decay (so it stops) and a return to your structurally sound tooth.

Question: People keep telling me scary stories about fillings. Should I ignore them?

Answer: Yes! Ignore everything you hear that isn’t positive. Dental fillings are extremely common, most people get one at some point, they’re completely comfortable, and they’re quick. Within just an hour or so, you’ll be leaving our practice with a healthy tooth.

Question: Is my tooth going to look weird afterwards?

Answer: No. You will be receiving a tooth-colored filling, not a metal one. So, your tooth will look normal and healthy again (nobody will be able to tell that you have a filling).