Your Absolute Best Dental Care At Home

Oral health care is composed of two essential parts: The professional care you receive from our practice and the dental care you practice at home. If you’re remembering to call us to schedule a visit for yourself twice a year (in intervals of six months) then you are right on target with one part of your preventive care. However, do you know if you’re making strides with your efforts in your home bathroom or are you somewhat unsure? We can easily ensure you’re on the right track with some helpful suggestions.

Get The Routine Down

If you have your dental care routine down pat at home, you’re going to achieve excellent results. It’s a very simple equation! To make sure you’ve got it all sorted out correctly for effective practice, take the following into consideration every single day:

  • Brush your smile in the morning for two minutes.
  • Brush your smile again in the evening for two minutes (preferably right before bed, so you don’t eat or drink anything other than water after brushing and before sleep).
  • Floss your smile once a day.

Stick To Suggested Products

When it comes to flavor and other preference details, it’s all up to you. Like cinnamon better than mint? No problem! However, there are some details that are essential for effective home dental care. Consider the following each and every time you purchase a new product to make sure you’re making the best choice you can:

  • For Toothbrushes: Your toothbrush should fit your mouth and hand and should come with soft bristles (no exceptions!).
  • For Floss: You need dental floss. The details regarding texture, flavor, waxed, or unwaxed are all up to you!
  • For Toothpaste: Your toothpaste needs to contain fluoride (but should never contain abrasive additives).